About Us

The majority of our flavoured, scented and fruit teas are from Germany. They are of the finest quality with natural flavourings, real fruits and herbs added to fine grade teas. For the tea connoisseur, we offer  Senchas,  Ti Kuan Yins, and many other Chinese teas of excellent grade.

 We also offer black,oolong, green, white, pu erh. Also yerba mate, rooibos, herbal, fruit, lapacho, single herbs and powders.

Do some tastings in store and experience the quality of these exquisite teas. We are certain that you will find a taste you love and will enjoy the benefits of a healthy relaxing cup of tea. We even offer organic and decaffeinated teas in a number of your favourite varieties.

In addition to our quality teas we carry a large selection of polish pottery tea pots and accessories, as well as numerous infusers and filters for home and office enviroment – all to enhance your tea drinking pleasure.


We serve  hot tea all year and  iced tea in the summer to go.