Catnip Organic  Herb

Catnip Organic Herb

Mild mint taste. Very popular and makes a good iced tea.

FOR PEOPLE: Useful as a medicinal tea to alleviate coughing, cold symptoms, upset stomach and to aid sleep. Catnip, the herb is also employed as a remedy in the treatment of tension, anxiety, and is mentioned as being a useful calmative for hyperactive children. Also listed as a mild diaphoretic, catnip can also be helpful in eliminating harmful toxins from the body. Not recommended to be used when pregnant.

FOR CATS: It is the scent of catnip, not the consumption of it, that has such a dramatic effect on cats. When cats are enjoying the plant, they do often chew the leaves, but this may be merely to release more of the scent that is in the essential oils. It is the chemical nepetalactone, a volatile oil similar in structure to the sedative ingredient found in valerian root, another well known sedative herb, that triggers the response in cats' brains; however, because human brains are physiologically different, we must be content to gain any vicarious pleasure through watching our cat's enjoyment of the herb!!


Nepeta cataria.

Steeping Guidelines:

212°F, 7-10 min


United States


Caffeine Free