Yerba Mate - Herbal Tea
Yerba Mate - Herbal Tea

Yerba Mate - Herbal Tea

The Argentinian national drink is becoming ever more popular. Plain unflavoured green Yerba Mate from Brazil. A larger leaf piece and a milder flavour than most Yerba Mates. Yerba Mate is a natural resource that has been used for centuries for hundreds if not thousands of reasons. It is a shrub that is native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Its first known users were in South America, the Guaraní natives who later introduced it to the outside world where its natural vitamin and mineral uses first became known and used for their purported purposes.  Its uses continue to grow today and are growing.


Ilex paraguariensis

Steeping Guidelines:

150°F, 5-7 min


Blended in Germany