Evergreen Award non-caffeinated tea blend

Posted by Dianne Krampien on

  Distinctly Tea and the Stratford  Public Library are pleased to announce their 2015 joint project; a unique non-caffeinated tea blend in celebration of the Evergreen Award, a reading program of the Ontario Library Association.

Orange With Lime is a smooth-drinking non-caffeinated Rooibos tea sparked up with hits of ginger,lime and orange.It`s delicious whether you drink it hot ,tucked up in bed reading your favourite book, or iced while reading in your backyard on  lazy summer days. this blend will keep you alert while you read, but does not give you the sleep-disturbing jolt of caffeine.

It`s perfect for kids as well; the tasty fruitiness will appeal and it`s  a healthy choice to replace juices or pop.You can share a cup a of tea and a book at bedtime!

Tea and books are a time honoured partnership..Distinctly Tea and the Stratford Public Library hope that you will enjoy them together, and experience the Evergreen  Owl Blend    Orange With Lime.


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